Tips for Hiring an Editor

Do you really need an editor? Yes! Absolutely. Without question. Regardless of how good your writing is, you need a professional editor to work with you before you publish. Think of it this way: your

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How to Find a Literary Agent

I’m often asked by writers who want to take a traditional publishing route: how do I find an agent? The best answer to that: check out the discussion that has been percolating over at Book

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Creating an Illustrated EBook

Are you considering republishing your children’s book, cookbook, graphic novel, crafts guide or travel book in digital format? For these kinds of books, the ePub format–which allows words to flow from one page to another

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The Future of Book Publishing: Two Predictions

Here’s a prediction: within three years, we’ll see the publishing industry split into two tiers. Bestselling authors will work with traditional publishers–Simon & Schuster, Random House, and HarperCollins. And new authors will prove themselves in

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Best Writing Advice Ever

“Time is not free–that’s why it’s so precious and worth fighting for.”                                                                                                     — Anne Lamott       I’m a huge fan of Anne Lamott. Not just because she celebrates “sh*tty first drafts,” but because she explains

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