Amazon’s new Kindle Fire takes on Apple iPad


The competition between Apple and Amazon for the hearts and minds of readers continues to be good news for us all.

Amazon has just announced a new series of Kindle products that includes the Kindle Fire, a touch-sensitive, color tablet that–at the retail price of $199–will pressure Apple to bring down the price of its iPad.

In an air-conditioned tent in central Manhattan–ground zero for the publishing industry–Bezos demoed the new device, which he’s calling a “media tablet.” Its 7-inch touchscreen provides readers access to apps from Amazon’s Android appstore, which includes Kobo reading apps and magazines.

Equally interesting for readers (and writers) is a new Kindle Touch, which includes an “x-ray” feature that allows you to “look at the bones of a book”–including characters, terms and Wikipedia references. The two new Touches retail at $99 and $149.

You can find succinct reviews and specs for these various tablets at Engadget and TechCrunch.

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  1. I have a Kindle 3 and an iPad 2, I can read a couple of hours in my Kindle without distraction, but with the iPad I can’t concentrate because there is a lot of games, email alerts and facebook.

    I didn’t know anything about x-ray thanks for sharing.


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