Best Writing Advice Ever

“Time is not free–
that’s why
it’s so precious and worth fighting for.”    
                                                                                              — Anne Lamott   

   Anne Lamott's Bird by BirdI’m a huge fan of Anne Lamott. Not just because she celebrates “sh*tty first drafts,” but because she explains the writing process in such human terms–something that brings both joy and angst. (Let’s be truthful here.)

If you’re deep in a writing project, do yourself a favor: keep a copy of Bird by Bird on your night table for a little end-of-the-day support. She’ll make you feel you’re not alone in your crazy attempt to capture lightning in a bottle.

And if you’re just starting a project and trying to figure out how to find the time to write, check out her excellent short piece in Sunset magazine.

1 thought on “Best Writing Advice Ever”

  1. I really like Anne Lamott. Guess how much? Years ago I was at the Fox Theater in Atlanta at a Prince concert (my favorite artist of all time) and I was reading Bird by Bird with a highlighter at intermission. Who carries a book to a Prince concert : )?


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