My Services

After an initial review of your manuscript and publishing goals, I offer a customized plan that includes one or more of the following services:

• Development of a Roadmap to Publication A customized roadmap for self-publishing a particular book is an important first step. I review with my writers various models of self-publishing (print-on-demand, ebooks, short-run printing) and discuss the pros and cons of each method. We consider skills the writer can bring to the project and skills that need to be provided by outside experts. Together we set a realistic schedule for work to be done.

• Editorial Services Every manuscript needs a professional edit. A good developmental editor helps you test whether the words you put down on paper produce the ideas you hoped for in your reader’s mind. Your editor reviews the bone structure of a book, chapter by chapter, and suggests ways to improve flow, impact and clarity. While I do some developmental editing myself, I also retain a select group of senior editors. If your book has already been professionally edited, my group also offers simpler copyediting and proofing services. Indexing services are also available on request.

• Book Design Guidance I do not recommend that writers use templates to design their own books. Book design is too important, and most templates are woefully inadequate. Rather, I offer access to professional book designers experienced in both cover design and complex interior layout. My designers understand how to build books that have both high aesthetic appeal and marketing savvy. They are particularly skilled in working with writers’ own ideas to produce a professional book design that incorporates the writer’s own ethos.

• Book Positioning Advice We discuss pricing strategies and BISAC subject categories. We consider competitive titles and work to distinguish your book from others. We craft descriptive text to include keywords. We create back cover copy, spine and flaps (where applicable) to serve important marketing functions. We consider arranging for reviews. And we discuss how to get useful testimonials.

• Technical Help When You Need It Should you let your print-on-demand vendor assign you an ISBN number, or should you get your own? Where do you get a barcode for the back cover of your jacket? Should you set up your own micro-publishing company? How can you increase your chances of getting your book into bookstores? What about copyright? Permissions? Library of Congress number? I help you assess your options when you get “into the weeds” of this new publishing process.

• Social Media Marketing Advice If you’re looking for traditional marketing techniques, I’m not the best person to work with. There are many experts who specialize in book promotion, and I can recommend several who will work with you. But for those writers whose books I’ve helped shape, I do offer advice in creating the author platform on which your ongoing marketing campaign depends. This includes help in creating author profiles on Amazon, Goodreads and other book-centric sites; setting up LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts where applicable; and developing plans for a book-centric website.

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