Best Fonts for Book Covers

I’m working with an author on a book cover for a nonfiction book with strong commercial potential. Since the cover is among the top 3 reasons why readers buy a book, we’re working closely with

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The “Truthiest” Font Is…

If you don’t think fonts matter, take a look at the article in Friday’s New York Times. Errol Morris describes the informal experiment of a university student who found that he could raise his grade

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Best Book Covers

Just back from BookExpo in New York, where I saw some extraordinary book covers. Over at Pinterest, I’ve put together a little board with comments on why each deserves special attention. If you believe, as

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Tips for Hiring an Editor

Do you really need an editor? Yes! Absolutely. Without question. Regardless of how good your writing is, you need a professional editor to work with you before you publish. Think of it this way: your

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How to Find a Literary Agent

I’m often asked by writers who want to take a traditional publishing route: how do I find an agent? The best answer to that: check out the discussion that has been percolating over at Book

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