How To Become the Go-To Expert

One of the best ways to promote your nonfiction book is to position yourself as the expert in your field. How do you do that?

One simple way is through HARO — short for “Help A Reporter Out.” This ingeniously simple site connects journalists working on a story with people who can serve as experts for that story–all for free.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’ve written a book about    indie films. If you’re a subscriber to the daily HARO newsletter, you would have recently seen this post from a reporter doing a story for a national entertainment/lifestyle magazine:

What does the term “indie” film mean? Need expert to define, explain which films meet this criteria and what the term “indie film” means today–at the box office and to studios and to creative types in the industry.

You respond via an anonymous email address directly to that reporter. If your credentials are good and your ideas solid, you might get a follow-up interview. Ideally, you become the expert quoted in the article. Nice!

1 thought on “How To Become the Go-To Expert”

  1. Hi Holly,
    Good post about HARO! I answered a HARO information request for an author and now in a couple of weeks, I will be a quoted “WordPress expert” in a new soon to be in print book.

    Not bad for just trying to be nice!


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