Four reasons to publish your ebook exclusively with Amazon



When it comes to publishing ebooks, I’ve often helped writers make their books available on all the e-readers in the marketplace-Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo and a dozen or so smaller ones. Usually, we’ve accomplished this by using the services of an ebook distributor such as Bookbaby.

But in the past year, I’ve come to think that it’s smarter to publish exclusively on Kindle through Amazon’s KDP platform. Here’s why:

• When you publish with KDP exclusively, you can take advantage of several powerful promotional programs through KDP Select. Some of these programs allow you to temporarily reduce the price of your book to spark initial interest.

• KDP tracks and reports sales figures daily-which allows you to immediately see the effects of your promotional efforts. With Bookbaby, sales figures are reported several months after the sales are made-and so you have no idea which promotion might have caused that spike in sales several weeks ago.

• With KDP, you can fix typos, change your pricing, and publish updated editions of your book easily and cheaply. You just re-upload your data whenever you need to. With Bookbaby, the process costs money and takes weeks as your files are pulled from a dozen different e-reader stores.

• Kindle currently has about 70% of the e-reader market in the US, and if you take into consideration the fact that Kindle books can be read on the Apple iPad using the free Kindle App, then that figure jumps to over 90%. The readers you disappoint are those who own Nooks or Kobos-a small percentage of the market.

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