Self Publishing

Is Amazon Slow-Walking Books from Ingram Spark?

For over five years, I’ve been helping authors create jacketed hardcover books on Ingram Spark and sell them on Amazon. But recently, KDP—Amazon’s self-publishing arm and a competitor to Ingram Spark—announced its own capacity to

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The Future of Book Publishing: Two Predictions

Here’s a prediction: within three years, we’ll see the publishing industry split into two tiers. Bestselling authors will work with traditional publishers–Simon & Schuster, Random House, and HarperCollins. And new authors will prove themselves in

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Seth Godin abandons traditional book publishers

Serious authors often squirm when they have to reveal that they’re self-publishing their books. That’s because self-publishing is often confused with vanity publishing, that backwater of the publishing industry where snake-oil salesmen still flourish. But

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